East Texas Naturalists consists primarily of naturalists and photographers who wish to demonstrate the beauty and diversity of our local woods, lakes & waterways and wildlife.  We have the additional wish to assist others in the identification of the animals and plants of the area as well to provide information to help educate and inform others of the diverse ecosystems in east Texas.  We are joined in this task at times by biologists and scientists from both state and federal agencies.

Ideally, we are working towards becoming THE place to start for anyone who wishes to know any aspect of plant and animal life in east Texas.  This includes being a source of places and events to help others enjoy all of our natural resources.  We will include information, reviews, and events taking place in the forests, the rivers & streams, and the lakes in East Texas.   Additionally, we will include campgrounds, fishing spots, hiking trails, kayaking/canoeing suggestions, and more.

We hope that by the use of our photographs and blogs that we can help spread awareness of the unique beauty that is really all around us.  With time, we will have more and more information to help identify plants and animals, as well as guides on where to find them.


In addition, we would like to incorporate information on nature-related recreational opportunities here. East Texans have a proud heritage of living close to nature.  Many of us are just plain and simple nature lovers. Others are fisherman, hunters, hikers, who all find their own ways of enjoying nature.  We all have a tremendous personal investment in nature and a duty to make sure that we honor our heritage by ensuring the natural resources are maintained. We must do what we can to take care of our forests, our waterways, and our wildlife.  That begins with awareness.

One of our primary goals with this website is to spread awareness of the natural beauty of our region and help others to appreciate it as we do.

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The decision to redo the existing version of this website came without a lot of warning or planning. One of the major pieces of the site was the photo gallery which stopped working after Google changed the way they allowed photos to be shown from Google Photo. There was no easy substitute. With Joomla, the CMS software used to create the site, I was having more and more problems with the templates and different routines, as it all became more and more complicated. I decided to move over to WordPress which has made great strides over the past ten years. It really has become a fortiable system. (And I really needed something else to do -- learn WordPress). :-)

With any luck, we will be fully operational by the end of the month.


One major improvement that will be here soon is our expanded ID section.  We not only will have the bird section greatly improved, but also will be building the ID sections for  mammals, reptiles, insects, spiders, flowering plants, and, hopefully, trees.

In addition, we will be greatly expanding the sections on recreational aspects of East Texas that revolve around nature.

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