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The Texas Master Naturalist™ organization is sponsored by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Since the organization’s founding in 1997:

  • relationships have been developed with nearly 400 partners
  • there are, presently, 9,676 certified Texas Master Naturalist™ volunteers
  • these volunteers have contributed more than 2.833 million hours of service
  • more than 218,000 acres of wildlife and native plant habitats have been impacted
  • reached more than 2 million Texas residents of all ages.

These volunteer efforts are worth more than $55 million to the State of Texas. Texas Master Naturalist™ volunteers serve in 46 local chapters across the state serving 194 counties, and new chapters are developing all the time.

***THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL SITE FOR THE Cypress Basin Chapter Texas Master Naturalist.*** Some contributors are members of the chapter and these members are solely responsible for the content.