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Northeast Texas Bird Report - February 2016

This is the NETFO bird report for February.  A Vermilion Flycatcher, Painted Bunting, Sandhill Cranes and an American Bittern top this month’s highlights.  Thanks to all who birded and sent in their results and thanks again to Luanne for everything.


Greater White-fronted Geese were restricted to RC WMA in Freestone county with a max of 25 photographed on 2/14 (ebird MS).  Noted in six counties the max of 200 Snow Geese were tallied in Bonham in Fannin county on 2/13 (ebird ML).  The single Ross’s Goose at Lake Bob Sandlin that has been there for a long, long, long time, has a friend!  I believe it was three winters ago when this happened before, so for now they are a pair (DB,LB).   The only other report of Ross’s Geese came from Bonham where 50 were tallied on 2/13 (ebird ML).  Found in 13 counties, the peak of 120 Canada Geese were tallied in Fannin county flying north on 2/12 (ebird HL).  


Blue-winged Teal were tallied in four counties with a peak of eight noted at RC WMA in Freestone county on 2/12 (ebird DP).  Greater Scaup were restricted to Lake Bob Sandlin in Titus county on 2/13 with a count of 120 (DB,LB).  The only two Horned Grebes reported from the area came from Lake Wright Patman in Cass county on 2/7 (DB,LB).  Two Eared Grebes were tallied from RC WMA in Freestone county on 2/12 and 2/14 (ebird MS, WS).


The following sightings were restricted to RC WMA in Freestone county.  An American Bittern was found on 2/5, 2/12 and 2/13 (ebird DP,TS). A Snowy Egret was reported on 2/4 (ebird TS).  A Tricolored Heron was found on several dates (ebird m.ob).  A Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was found on 2/12 (ebird DP).  Found on several dates, the max of 50 White Ibis were tallied on 2/14 (ebird MS).  Also found on many dates, a peak of 50 White-faced Ibis were counted on 2/12 (ebird DP).


Cattle Egret was tallied at Lake Cypress Springs in Franklin county on 2/3 (ebird DBo).  A Sora was reported from RC WMA in Freestone county on 2/4 (ebird TS).  A Common Gallinule was tallied at the Ferndale Club in Camp county on 2/1 (ebird JH).  While another Common Gallinule was found at RC WMA in Freestone county on 2/12 (ebird TS).  Thirteen Sandhill Cranes were counted flying over Navarro county on 2/13 (ebird MS,WS).


Willet and two Lesser Yellowlegs were reported from RC WMA in Freestone county on 2/12 (ebird DP).  The sole American Woodcock was reported from Bowie county on 2/2 (ebird DLa).  A Franklin’s Gull was reported from RC WMA in Freestone county on 2/4 (ebird TS).  White-winged Doves were reported from nine counties with the farthest east coming from LeTourneau University in Gregg county on 2/15 (ebird JM).  

Barn Owls were reported in ebird from Franklin county on 2/3 (RC) and in Fannin county on 2/12 and 2/13 (HL).  Crested Caracaras were reported from four counties with the farthest east sighting coming from Hopkins county on 2/6 (DB).  A Merlin was spotted on two dates at RC WMA in Freestone county 2/5 (ebird TS) and on 2/12 (ebird DP).  A Peregrine Falcon was noted at RC WMA in Freestone county on 2/2 (ebird RQ).


The male Vermilion Flycatcher found early in the fall was present all month in Morris county (BF).  Fish Crows were reported from six counties with a max of 16 tallied in Camp county on 2/13 (DB,LB).  The first Purple Martin of the season was reported from Harrison county on 2/13 (RP).  A Tree Swallow was reported from RC WMA in Freestone county on 2/2 (ebird RQ), while two were reported from the same location on 2/14 (ebird MS).  Up to three Sedge Wrens were noted and photographed at a location in Navarro county from 2/12 through 2/15 (ebird MS,WS).  A Bewick’s Wren was photographed in Van Zandt county on 2/1 (ebird DO).   


Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was observed at Pleasant Acres Lake in Smith county on 2/13 (ebird MB). 


A Common Yellowthroat was tallied at RC WMA in Freestone county on 2/14 (ebird MS).  On 2/12 a Le Conte’s Sparrowwas photographed in Navarro county, and on the next day at the same location four were found and photographed (ebird MS,WS).  The only Spotted Towhee reported for the month came from Canton City Lake in Van Zandt county on 2/6 (ebird DO).  The Painted Bunting found in Hopkins county during January was photographed in February coming to a feeder (LM).  Reported from three counties, the max of 70 Rusty Blackbirds came from Lake Murvaul in Panola county (ebird CW).  Two Purple Finches were photographed in Harrison county on 2/13 (ebird LP).  While one Purple Finch was photographed at Lake Crook in Lamar county on 2/6 (DB). 


Locations and Counties:

Bowie Co.:

Camp Co.:  Ferndale Club

Cass Co.:  Lake Wright Patman

Fannin Co.:  Bonham

Franklin Co.:  Lake Cypress Springs

Freestone Co.:  RC WMA - Richland Creek WMA

Gregg Co.:  LeTourneau University

Harrison Co.:

Hopkins Co.:

Lamar Co.:  Lake Crook

Morris Co.:

Navarro Co.:

Panola Co.:  Lake Murvaul

Smith Co.:  Pleasant Acres Lake

Titus Co.:  Lake Bob Sandlin

Van Zandt Co.: Canton City Lake



MB  Mike Bloodsworth

DBo  Dale Bottrell

DB  David Brotherton

LB  Luanne Brotherton

RC  Richard Carr

BF  Buddy Fowler
JH  Janie Henderson

DLa  Demetri Lafkas

HL  Harold Latham

ML  Mike Lindsey

LM  Linda Meier

JM  Justus Morales

DO  Dale Ohl

DP  Danny Pickens

RP  Roy Peck

LP  Linda Price

RQ  Robert Qually

TS  T. Wells Shartle

MS  Mike Stewart

WS  Wilbur Stewart

CW  Carol Wells

For You eBirders:

Through February, the lowest total of all twenty-six NETFO counties for the year is Morris county with 69 species.  I’ll put Luanne on it.  Get out there and bird!

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