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Making Progress on the New Website - Slowly But Surely and Other Cliches Explain Our Progress


Even though we have not made the new website live yet, I am going to continue blogging about it and on it.  The blog is to explain our progress as well as point out what we would like to do in the future.  

Hopefully we will be live before long.  Even though this blog won't be seen until then, it will still be relevant for it discusses our vision for the website.  

From the beginning, the idea was to have a website to simply spread our love of nature and hope to show others its wonders.  Maybe in doing so we will be able to get others involved in enjoying and appreciating nature just as we do.

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BIG NEWS!!! The East Texas Naturalist Blog is Expanding.


Coming very soon, the blog will include at least two other bloggers/photographers.  Others may be joining soon.  

Nature will remain the main focus, of course.  The two new bloggers are excellent photographers and will be such a tremendous addition to the site.  We will be looking for other photographers and writers to join us.  

That brings up the obvious invitation. 

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Why Start This Blog


I guess the first thing I need to address is why?  Why am I starting this blog?

There are truly a number of reasons.  Let's just be organized and list them:

I have really enjoyed my "return" to nature and want an outlet for my adventure. I am a bit bored and really enjoy this (website development, writing, learning new things, etc.). In my relocation and walking away from my stressful, overworked previous life, I have few people to communicate with about such things as how beautiful the sunrise was or how cool it was to see a pair of summer tanagers. I don't know except that it sounds like fun.

There is a brief biography with this blog that tells about my background, education and how I came about to be here.  I won't go over all of that again, but will explain a little more about what I am doing.

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