Michael's Rediscovery of Nature

Ramblings and observations of a former biologist and a lifelong naturalist, who has recently returned to his roots in east Texas. After a many years of working from coast to coast in an industry far removed from biology, it has been a pleasant change of geography, activity, and attitude. No stressful job decked out in a three piece suit. No city living. Instead there is a rediscovery of the woods, of something scurrying through the leaves, of the clear notes of a bird call, and of reliving the joy that I had when nature was a playground and a classroom.

Appreciating Spring Can't be Done on the Computer

With the arrival of Spring, even after not much of a winter, my life changes. I am not crazy about being inside all the time anyway, but with Spring, it is all I can do to spend any time inside. After all, how many Springs do we have in our lifetimes? Maybe 70 good ones (taking away a few from when we are too young to appreciate them)? When you have a bunch of Springs behind you already, you sure don't want to miss any of the ones that are left.

It has been a busy Spring for me, but I have managed to get out and enjoy it. In keeping with that thought, I am not going to spend a great deal of time typing away here. Instead, let me share some of the photos that I have taken this Spring.

 American RobinAmericanRobin040417 1

Anolis Lizard
AnolisCarolinensis041617 1

Bald Eagle
BaldEagle032117 1

Bald Eagle
BaldEagleFemale032717 2 2


Bumble Bee Mimic Robberfly

BumbleBeeMimicRobberFly041617 2

Carolina Wren

CarolinaWren041417 2

Eastern Bluebird

EasternBluebird040217 1

Horned Grebe
HornedGrebe041717 8

Eastern KingbirdEasternKingbird041417 2

Red-bellied Woodpecker, male
Red belliedWoodpeckerMale031017 1

Robberfly041617 2
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, male
Scissor tailedFlycatcherMale041817 5
Spiderwort041617 2

Yelloe-rumped Warbler
YellowRumpedWarbler030117 2

Spring in the Lost and Found Box
Why Are My Red Squirrels Turning Black?

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Friday, 06 December 2019
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