Michael's Rediscovery of Nature

Ramblings and observations of a former biologist and a lifelong naturalist, who has recently returned to his roots in east Texas. After a many years of working from coast to coast in an industry far removed from biology, it has been a pleasant change of geography, activity, and attitude. No stressful job decked out in a three piece suit. No city living. Instead there is a rediscovery of the woods, of something scurrying through the leaves, of the clear notes of a bird call, and of reliving the joy that I had when nature was a playground and a classroom.

Making Progress on the New Website - Slowly But Surely and Other Cliches Explain Our Progress

Even though we have not made the new website live yet, I am going to continue blogging about it and on it.  The blog is to explain our progress as well as point out what we would like to do in the future.  

comingsoonHopefully we will be live before long.  Even though this blog won't be seen until then, it will still be relevant for it discusses our vision for the website.  

From the beginning, the idea was to have a website to simply spread our love of nature and hope to show others its wonders.  Maybe in doing so we will be able to get others involved in enjoying and appreciating nature just as we do.

Our first goal in that regard is to blog and post some of our photography for everyone to enjoy. I am joined in my efforts by Kristi Thomas and Pat Sawyer. The three of us are nature photographers and naturalists.  As a matter of fact we are all members of the Cypress Basin Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists.  As we progress, we hope to add other photographers and writers to the website.  Before long, I expect to have hundreds of photographs of the beauty of east Texas.  With the variety of our interests, there should be a vast range of the types of photos and subjects.  You can expect to see scenic views, pictures of birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat, and some macro photography which examines the tinest segments of life.  If you like nature, you aren't likely to be bored here.

Later we hope to expand to include a lot of other information including maps and guides to bird watching, hiking, biking, kayaking/canoeing, and other activities.  We hope to add information and educational material on a variety of nature subjects including photography, invasive species, identification of different organisms (birds, reptiles, fish, flowers, trees, etc).  There will be information about the history and current status of Caddo Lake and Lake O' the Pines.  I hope to include information about some of the fun activities and contributions that can be made through some of the citizen scientists programs.  Who knows what else may appear here?  Ultimately, we want to be the place where you come to see beauiful photographs of east Texas nature; where you can read information and stories about the animals and plants here as well as learn about the ecology of the local nature communities; and, most of all, find what you need to enjoy the natural wonders and beauty of east Texas.

You can contribute as well.  There will be a place to add photographs and share information.  We will be adding other writers and photographers.  If you wish to join us, click on the Contact Us tab on the menu.  

Stand by for the fun.  It is coming soon . . .


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Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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