Michael's Rediscovery of Nature

Ramblings and observations of a former biologist and a lifelong naturalist, who has recently returned to his roots in east Texas. After a many years of working from coast to coast in an industry far removed from biology, it has been a pleasant change of geography, activity, and attitude. No stressful job decked out in a three piece suit. No city living. Instead there is a rediscovery of the woods, of something scurrying through the leaves, of the clear notes of a bird call, and of reliving the joy that I had when nature was a playground and a classroom.

Why Start This Blog

I guess the first thing I need to address is why?  Why am I starting this blog?

There are truly a number of reasons.  Let's just be organized and list them:

I have really enjoyed my "return" to nature and want an outlet for my adventure. I am a bit bored and really enjoy this (website development, writing, learning new things, etc.). In my relocation and walking away from my stressful, overworked previous life, I have few people to communicate with about such things as how beautiful the sunrise was or how cool it was to see a pair of summer tanagers. I don't know except that it sounds like fun.

There is a brief biography with this blog that tells about my background, education and how I came about to be here.  I won't go over all of that again, but will explain a little more about what I am doing.

For years, I have said that I wanted to get back outdoors and rediscover all the fun there is in camping, hiking and learning more about all the fun things in nature.  When I say years, I mean many years.  For someone who spent almost every opportunity in the woods, at the lake, walking along the creek, camping, hiking and catching everything that moved (but did move fast enough), it is hard to believe that I got so far away from all that.  I can't tell you when I last went camping. . . Let me think.  OH!  I took my daughter, Shelly and son, Jeffrey, camping at Possum Kingdom in 2005.  Nine years ago.  We had a ball.  Before that, it was probably over 20 years. . .  I can't remember the exact occasion, but it was probably when, Cathy, an old girlfriend, and I likely went to Big Bend.  For the ten years before that I was camping at least several times a month, sometimes for up to three weeks at a time.  I camped all over Big Bend and west Texas; I camped a lot in Arizona & New Mexico; I made a few trips camping in Mexico; I made trips to the Rio Grande Valley; camped in Oklahoma; camped all the way across Texas to Port Cocoa Beach, Florida and all the way back; and I am sure there are a few places I left out.  

How could I go so long without my infusion of nature and wildlife?  It was once so important to me; it was once much of my life.  There is no simple answer other than "life happened".  I found myself with responsibilities and put my nose to the grindstone.  Work, bills, wonderful children, rat race, and so many years of stressful, competitive corporate ambitions.  No time, no time. . . Nature wasn't all I missed out on.  There were far more important things, but that is a different topic.  

With my earth shattering change, on February 16th, 2014, I freed myself of so many chains and heavy weights.  One of the first things I returned to was nature. . .

So here I am at Lake O' the Pines living in a rented RV.  From my deck I can watch the sunrise over the lake.  Birds abound in the park.  I know most of them, but I am not sure on others and I look forward to learning more about them.  

There is no other word for it but a blessing.  I am so relieved to be here and am looking forward to Spring.   

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Monday, 18 November 2019
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