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Enjoying Nature's Solitude Without Being Alone

East Texas Naturalist Lake O' the Pines Nature Hikes

I really enjoy my morning walks in the woods along the lake.  Never once have I seen another person on these walks.  I must admit that is a pleasure.  Not that sharing nature wouldn't be fun, for sharing anything is usually better than being alone.  There is a fine line of distinction though.  It is fun to share nature with those who also appreciate and enjoy it.  That is somewhat of an issue these days.

I do love the solitude of walking along the woods; stopping to take pictures here and there; sitting on a fallen log to see what comes along when I sit quietly and wait; and discovering something new on every walk.  These solitary walks are a joy.  Selfishly, I know I would not want to share that time on any kind of regular basis.  That "alone time" is so peaceful.  Ocassionally sharing that time would be fine for I do enjoy showing others the joys of nature and the little treasures that can be found in even a short walk in the woods can bring. 

But there is another aspect of all this.  The morning walks in the woods are refreshing in so many ways, but that is only a small part of enjoying nature.  

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