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Last Paddle of the Season

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Have I mentioned that I hate winter?  I really am not that fond of fall either for I am constantly reminded that winter is just behind.  

So here we are with beautiful fall weather - I'm not stupid, I do love the weather right now, but the fact that winter is near creeps in now and then.  We had a very nice day, on Tuesday with no wind and the temperature in the mid-80's.  I decided it was time to drag one of the kayaks down to the lake and enjoy what might be the last paddle of the season.

I took my longer yak, the 16 foot Wilderness Systems Tarpon and just for fun I grabbed my spinning rod & reel.  Wow.  It was so beautiful.  I paddled around the lotus plants and went quite a ways out .  The water was very still and it was just a great day for yakking.  

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